Courtney Fitch, Founder of SmartLivingInYour20s.com in Tallinn, Estonia A Year After College Graduation - Fall 2014

Enjoying a Quick Trip to Tallinn, Estonia in Fall 2014 (Just 1 Year After College Graduation!)

I’m Courtney, the creator of this site, and I would like to personally thank you for stopping by. This site is both a retelling of my story up until now, but also serves as an unfinished book that I will continually add to throughout my current journey. I hope that you will be able to learn from both my mistakes and my success after college and that I can help you on your own path to becoming an independent, self-sufficient and happy adult!

My Journey So Far…

I graduated college a couple of years late in 2013 (that should have been 2011!) feeling like I was never going to catch up to all of my old classmates, relatives, siblings and pretty much everyone else even somewhat close to my age. However, it’s been just over 2 years since graduation and I’ve managed to accomplish more than anyone else I know.

Since college graduation I…

  • got a job within 1 week of starting my post-college job search
  • purchased my first new car at 24
  • have been promoted twice (!) indiacialis.com
  • moved out and bought my own house at 25
  • won 2 national awards at work (at a global corporation)
  • traveled to over 20 countries
  • set up and started funding 2 different retirement accounts (yes, boring, but important!)
  • restarted a hobby from my teenage years that I am truly passionate about
  • started investing to reach my pre-retirement financial goals

None of the above would ever be possible if I didn’t have a plan for my life. Yes that plan definitely got messed up and derailed from time to time, but I believe it’s important to know where you came from and what you ultimately want to achieve or you will never be able to truly measure your own success after college.

My goal for each of my readers is to help you figure out your own plan and get you started on the path to reaching your own personal success after college graduation. If even one person finds my story useful, then I will count this project as another success after college!