3 Best Money-Saving Personal Finance Apps

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Technology is helping us do everything faster and better, so shouldn’t it also help your bank account?

Personal finance apps can be an amazing way to help you wrangle your money and achieve your financial dreams. There are home budget apps, shopping apps and even coupon apps. But do you know how to combine those in a way that will really impact your life?

I’ve spent years using personal finance apps to help me manage my money better and smarter. Here’s a list of my current favorites:

1. Mint

I think Mint is the best personal finance app out there in the marketplace right now. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ve been using it as my only home budget app about 2 years and have never even considered deleting it. When I moved from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S5 it was the first app I downloaded. So basically, it’s the best thing ever if you need budget help.

Best Money-Saving Personal Finance Apps - Smart Living in Your 20s

Essentially, Mint streamlines your personal finances by linking up with all of your accounts, credit cards, etc, and showing you all of your balances, payment due dates and transactions in one place. It has saved me countless hours of downloading statements and doing math. Plus, everything updates in real time so it takes all of 5 seconds to review all of your account balances from your phone. They also have a bill pay feature, but I’ve not tried it out yet.

One of my favorite features of Mint is the home budgeting capability. You can set up your budget and Mint will automatically categorize your transactions into each of your budget sections. Again, you can quickly and easily see how much you’ve spent in the month and if you’re staying in your budget.

Mint is the #1 personal finance app I used to buy my house only 1.5 years after graduating from college. I set my budget and referenced the tool prior to making any and all purchases. 18 months later, I bought my first house.

2. Ibotta

Best Money-Saving Personal Finance App - Smart Living in Your 20s

Grocery coupons may make you think of your grandma, but they’re a seriously underutilized money saver. Ibotta gives the coupon concept a much-needed makeover for our tech-driven world.

There’s no pouring over sales flyers or clipping out coupons from the Sunday paper. You just check off the items you bought, scan the barcodes and then snap a pic of your receipt. It takes all of 2 minutes and I usually do it as I put my groceries away. Typically I get notified that my rebates have been processed and the money credited to my account within 2-3 hours

Ibotta‘s a personal finance app that can help you save money where traditional coupons usually fall short. Fresh foods, store brands and alcohol.

Regular coupons tend to be tied to unhealthy, processed foods and have to be used on a specific brand. Ibotta does include some of these options, but they also include rebates on fresh produce and generic items.

The alcohol options run the gamut from beer and wine to hard liquor. If you’re going to be drinking, why not save a couple of dollars on that fancy bottle of wine?

(Plus if you join through my referral link, you’ll get $10 for free when you redeem your first rebate!)

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